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Welcome to WeightTraining.TV - your portal for the best weight training programs and weight training workout videos.  With most people now working in sedentary jobs, weight training is a must for an athletic physique.     WeightTraining.TV includes weight training routines for legs, chest, arms, back, shoulders and abs.  Please note that this site is designed for individuals interested primarily in bodybuilding or heavy weight training exercises.  While this site does emphasize the importance of correct weight training technique, its focus is more weight training routines for the more experienced athlete.  However, those new to weight training programs can still benefit.  Regardless, before beginning any exercise routine, please consult a physician and seek the guidance of a certified personal trainer for instruction in proper weight training technique.  While weight training movements should be challenging, do not exceed your known physical capabilities when performing any weight training exercise.  Also be sure to have a spotter when performing barbell movements.  If your interests are more along the lines of general fitness and workout routines which include weight training exercises as well as cardiovascular exercises and dieting tips, please visit our sister website Workout Routines  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions on how to improve this site.  Enjoy...  


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       Weight Training with Ronnie Coleman


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For weight training routines in Spanish visit our sister site Rutinas - Spanish video portal of weight training routines for legs, chest, arms, shoulders, back, abdominals and dieting tips www.rutinas.tv/