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Weight Training Routines

Weight training has many benefits - strength, psyche, increased metabolism and fat loss, overall health and of course the effect on the physique.  It is strongly advised that before beginning any workout that one have a thorough warmup and have spotters to assist in the event of muscular failure.  As well any weight training routine should have the okay of a licensed physician and beginners should seek guidance from a certified personal trainer.  Heavy weight training without a spotter can result in serious injury or worse! 

  • Legs
    weight training for legs / leg workouts
  • Chest
    weight training for chest routine / chest workout
  • Arms
    weight training for arms routine
  • Shoulders
    weight training for shoulders routine
  • Back
    weight training for back workout
  • Abs
    abdominal training / ab workouts
  • Bodybuilding Diet
    bodybuilding diet / muscle building diet